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Every year on December 1, the world celebrates World Aids day, a day that was set aside  to reflect  on efforts  made by man in fighting against HIV and AIDS. Many events and activities are organized world wide  to raise awareness, commemorate those who have passed on and devise new means of HIV prevention. This years’ world Aids day was on Getting to Zero, Zero new infections, Zero discrimination and Zero Aids- related death.

Despite the many  efforts, increased funding as well as innovation in HIV treatment and prevention, there are many new HIV infections every year.  How can we prevent new infections? The good news so far in HIV prevention is prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV. Unfortunately not all HIV positive mothers can have access to such service and we still see new HIV infections in new born babies.

“HIV is still with us and in absence of a cure, we need to focus on prevention” Jerry P. Lanier US Ambassador  to Uganda.

Uganda was once a role model country in the fight against HIV and AIDs but from 2001-2010 HIV prevalence has gone up to 9% according to the results from PEPFAR. One wonders what is going on. Could it be that people have become complacent with the disease and yet it is finishing us.
On Dec 5, I attend a dialogue on Youth, HIV Prevention and social media organized by the US Embassy in Kampala and one participant commented that because of ARVS, HIV positive people look healthy and people nologer fear contracting HIV. In late 1980s when there were no ARVS people feared so much because HIV made people look like ghosts and no one wanted to look like that and people were scared and the prevalence was somehow controlled.

Uganda is one of the countries known to have a very young population, how do we engage young people in fight against HIV. How do we create an HIV free generation? Is it possible or not? We  all know that the major HIV transmission is through sexual intercourse with an infected HIV person. How can we ensure good sexual behavior. Sex sex and sex. Can some thing be done to control ones sexual behavior?

Infact  if we are to make  any headway in HIV prevention, much emphasis should be directed towards  changing the  sexual behaviors  and morals of boys and girls, men and women.

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