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Donkey theftMy heart is filled with sadness as I read a story of Donkey thefts in Karamoja region.

My Donkeys used to help to fetch food and water for the family  said  Epelot’ Kimat, a 68 year old woman as tears roll down her face as she struggles  to come to terms with the loss of of her six donkeys. Her priceless helpers were stolen  a fortnight ago. (NewVision, August 29, 2017 pg.13)

I first saw this story on NTV News. Donkey thieves did not  spare a physically handicapped Steven Chebeti. One morning Chebeti woke up to the shock of his life when he found his Donkey missing  leaving him helpless and hopeless since his Donkey was his only means of transport and survival. Many families have been left helpless by ruthless and merciless Donkey thieves.

This loss has been felt heavily by women since the Donkeys were the source of labour for  domestic work of carrying heavy loads of harvests, fetching water, and firewood as well as a source of income. Now that they are no more, women and children have to shoulder this burden.This has implications on their social and physical well being and calls for serious interventions by our leaders. It means women will spend more time and energy  doing  domestic work, productivity will decrease as well as income. Consequently they will be left behind hence the slogan of Leaving No one Behind will not apply.

It is estimated that over 5000 Donkeys have been stolen in one district and it is  suspected that the stolen Donkeys are sold to Chinese business men who export the  hides.



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