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In July 2014, I attended a training on creative writing. As you all know writing is a daunting task and it involves serious thinking, reflection, putting down on word, sentence or phrase and you pause a bit, then write again and the process goes on and on. This training inspired me to write this short story which actually was part of the assignments during the training. I swear, if I had not attended this training, it story would never find itself on this blog.


IramDeep in my sleep, I was, and my mother sneaked away leaving me behind at my Grandmother’s home deep in the village. On waking up I was told that my mother has gone to the shops and she is coming back. I waited for her to come back but all in vain until it was dark. It is from then, that I started to sense something and I started crying, refused to eat and sleep. Shut it up! Your mother is not here! my grandmother shouted at me. She scared hell out of me and I momentarily stopped crying and sleep carried me to the dreamland. My grandmother is a no nonsense woman, even up to now she is a tough women.

While at my grandmothers’ home, two major incidences happened that I remember vividly. The first one was when my grandmother she decided to take me to a nearby by Nursery school at a local church. This was my first day at school and the classes were conducted in the church and it was an open hall. I remember, it was a windy morning and you could hear the sweet sound wind blowing through the trees.

It so happened that very morning, the children had to go out in the field for physical education. ‘Children, remove your clothes, it is time for physical education’ the teacher said. All the children started removing their clothes and running outside in the field. Poor me, I did not know that we only removed dresses and remained with pants. I removed all the clothes including my pant and happily I ran outside to join other children in the field. As soon as I got out of the classroom, all the children started staring at me and I did not know what was wrong with me. Ooh, I was still very young and still in shock of the new environment- remember this was not home and the environment was completely different from the one I knew. I was still lost.

On seeing me completely naked, the teacher quickly run towards me and told me to go back and put on my pants. I went back in the classroom and picked my pants and put them and joined the rest of the children.

The second incidence was during Christmas time; my mother brought for me a very beautiful pink dress with beads allover and white shoes. I remember dressed in a pink dress with a web of nets and beads and my white shoes that were whiter than milk, I looked like a princess. All the children at the church surrounded me and started touching my dress. I felt so uneasy but at the same time felt elevated because I was completely different from all of them. Inside within me, I did not want the church service to end because I knew when we go back home, I will be told to remove the dress which I didn’t want to do. Finally, the church service ended and we went back home and I had remove my lovely dress which I did not want to do.

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